About BlueRoof Path

What is The BlueRoof Path?

The BlueRoof Path is my vision for helping others along the way of their journey. Path is, more appropriately, my message. It is my platform for what I feel called to give to the world. But Path is also the collective of paths that are constantly evolving. All religions, philosophies, races, and mind-sets are welcome. At the BlueRoof all are One and your religion/spiritual affiliation, or lack there of,  is part of each person’s individual path. You leave the BlueRoof with ways to deeper your personal growth – regardless of your beliefs. It’s an Interfaith Metaphysical Spiritual Movement that focuses on the Truth inherent in all of us. I like to think of it as going beyond Coexistence to a deeper level of Oneness.

The BlueRoof Path is a movement, a choice, a way of being. It’s a philosophy. It’s your spiritual path, my spiritual path, his, her’s, their spiritual paths. It’s the choice to be on your spiritual path and consciously grow and expand it. It is a place for everyone. It’s a space that welcomes all religions and beliefs and incorporates many religions and beliefs. Your Path is separate from your religion. It’s a place for you to grow spiritually – a place to grow your spirit. Therefore, All Roads Are the Path.  Many paths – One God.

No path is better or lesser than another; all paths simply are. Path simply Is.

Your path will always be different from mine or any others, as we are each on our own very individual journeys. We are each at different levels within our being – and we will all move forward at our own pace.

We are all exactly where we are meant to be. My path is mine, your path is yours and together our paths braid and mingle. You become a part of my spiritual journey and I a part of yours.

And Path is my vision for how I am to help others and myself in the journey, to grow my spirit and to help others grow theirs.

In Love & Light,

Rev. M