About BlueRoof Path

*** 07/05/18 – I am taking a break from teaching to focus on my own growth & healing. Classes will resume when Spirit calls it so. ***


What is The BlueRoof Path?

The BlueRoof Path is a personal path of self-inquiry, self-awareness, self-care, and self-love.  While walking this Path, I follow the Blue Way of life.  This Way – is the way of the mystic, the healer, the lightworker, the wild woman, the visionary, the witch, the goddess, the Shamana, the Sister, the called.  It is the way of those seeking their higher truth and those willing to do what it takes to both see and live that truth.

Each person’s spiritual path and journey is different and individual.  At The BlueRoof Path, this is recognized and encouraged.  The BlueRoof is a place where all paths are welcomed and the experiences, classes, circles, and courses at The BlueRoof aid individuals in discovering, expanding, and pursuing their personal path.

The BlueRoof Path is my platform for offering what Spirit is leading me to give but it is also my path of transformation, growth, and healing.  It is also a place for me to offer teachings to help you transform your life and then, pay that forward to others.

At The BlueRoof Path I offer women’s circles, personal growth classes, spiritual coaching & mentoring, yoga, meditation, Reiki, Angelic communication, and more.  These are offered both live and online.  The BlueRoof is growing!

Thank you for visiting today and being interested in The BlueRoof Path.  May you live your love, light, and truth today.

To Transformation,



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