Eight Limbs of Yoga: Asteya

Asteya: Non-Stealing

This week we discussed Asteya: Non-Stealing…but not just of material items. Asteya is all encompassing of not taking anything from another or anything you haven’t earned, such as: Material Items, Money, Thoughts, Ideas, or Energy. It also incorporates keeping confidences, i.e., not telling what isn’t yours to tell.

Wanting what others have and taking what others have comes from a state of lack – the idea that there is not enough. By taking from another is it like believing that what we have isn’t enough. Practicing Asteya comes from a state of abundance – acceptance and trust that we always have exactly what we need, at all times. This brings about a sense of fulfillment and prosperity instead of lack. Asteya is a continuation of both Ahimsa and Satya, insofar as, one must be aware of how they are being toward others to notice if they are practicing Asteya and a state of lack is a misperception of how the world really is, which means a state of lack isn’t practicing the truthfulness of Satya.

Practicing Asteya means living free from coveting, envy, and jealousy while trusting and accepting life as it is. In this state you can allow others their experiences and joy and share in their piece of life with them from a state of Compassion (Ahimsa) and Truth (Satya)


I have exactly what I need at all times.

Journal Questions for Personal Growth: 

 Where today have you had a jealous mentality?

Where today have you had an envious mentality?

Where today have you practiced Asteya?

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