The Mysore Yoga Back Bender

I have a new love in my life – the Mysore Yoga Back Bender from

I was so very much excited when my Mysore Yoga Back Bender Arrived. What I noticed first was that it is smaller than I’d anticipated. This caused no issues, however, as it enables the back bender to take up little space in my yoga studio. The second thing I noticed was how well made the back bender is. It is highly functional but also looks great in my studio. It’s a product I’m proud to display and let my students use.


I’ve been using the back bender for about two weeks and, though I haven’t been using it daily, I have seen superb results. I love what it’s doing not only for my yoga practice (I’m also a yoga teacher) but for my spine. I’ve noticed much more spinal flexibility, less low back tension, increased depth to my back bends, even increased shoulder ranger of motion from allowing my arms to drop back overhead. Overall I am incredibly pleased with the back bender! I shall be posting more blogs as my journey continues. I’m hoping the back bender helps me get into King Pigeon!



2 thoughts on “The Mysore Yoga Back Bender

  1. Hi. I just saw this post. I was wondering, considering how much time has passed, how did backbender help you? I just got mine and I can not find anything on the internet about the progress with constant use. I was also wandering did you ever feel discomfort after using it, or even sorenes in your back muscles? Thank you

    1. I have never had any soreness from using it but I also use it in conjunction with my yoga asana practice and rarely use the backbender alone. Therefore, I’m always stretched out and prepped in a way for the deeper backbends. I don’t use it daily. It helps very much when I have tight upper back muscles but if the muscles in my neck are overly tight have have to be mindful of using the backbender because using it causes the neck to extend dropping the head back. If my neck muscles are too tight this extension causes pain. The main factor for me is that using it helps refine chest opening backbends with support to allow the smaller paraspinal muscles to adapt to open the chest while deepening the bend in the thoracic spine. I don’t tend to use the backbender to open the lumbar spine much because I tend to have a bit of an excessive curve there already and don’t want to exacerbate it.

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