The Great Path

“The great path has no gates, Thousands of roads enter it
when one passes through this gateless gate
He walks freely between heaven and earth”


The great path – a one-way street for some and a convolution of twists and turns for others.  Is one better than the other?  Is the straight ahead, do not pass go, quick and easy route what is right?  Is the scenic, stop and learn way wrong?  Does it matter?  The path is there regardless of how it leads – it simply leads and it is up to the individual to follow it and make it his own.

The great path; like the hub of a wheel – it goes unnoticed most often but without it, the wheel ceases to turn.  It is important, it is always there – working and stabilizing.  The hub with its spokes . . . a number of paths leading to one center – isn’t this the way of the world?

The great path – different roads leading to the same destination.  Why condemn one path and not another.  Why hold one higher? Why beat another down?

Why not open one’s eyes and mind and take them all for what they are – Hope.

From Freedom is a Feather: Words for Change

© M/Gatlianne

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