Eight Limbs of Yoga: Niyama

The Niyamas: Self-Purification, Self-Discipline, Spiritual Practice

“Personal disciplines that relate to mind and body: Cleanliness of Mind, Body, Environment”

“Principals for how to treat ourselves.”

The Niyamas offer us an outline for self-discipline and remind us of the importance of our actions or inactions. Dr. David Simon from the Chopra Center defines Niyama as, “the internal dialogue of enlightened beings. Whereas the yamas are about how conscious beings behave, the niyamas are about how they think.” Again, this is a rigid set of rules to be used for judgment. Practicing Niyama isn’t about being right or wrong.

Dr. Simon also believes the niyamas are about “cultivating self-acceptance” by releasing the expectations, “shoulds,” we have on ourselves and others.

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