Eight Limbs of Yoga: Santosha

Niyama 2Santosha Contentment

 “The bliss of present moment awareness.” Dr. David Simon

 Santosha asks us to be happy and content with our life as it is, instead of looking for a perfect fairy tale life. This time of perfection isn’t what life is about.  Contentment with life as it is, you as you are, and others as they are is the embodiment of Santosha. This Niyama asks us not to put our happiness or contentment on any outside thing, while we grow and learn but also live in acceptance of the now and trusting that we have everything we need now.

Santosha is the understanding that there is no “end” we’re trying to get to. Life is now.

Santosha asks us to act out of present awareness instead of reaction or ego – observing and loving things in the moment, as they are – without any need to change them. This also pertains to ourselves and others.

Find contentment with who you are, now, and what you have, now. When we resist what is happening in this moment we our out of flow with life. When we accept life as it comes, we flow along with life and allow life to flow along with us.

Daily Affirmation/Mantra/Prayer: 

I accept life just the way it is.


Daily Meditation:

“Breathing in, I calm my body. Breathing out, I smile. Dwelling in the Present Moment, I know this beautiful moment.”

Thich Niht Hahn from his book “Being Peace

 Journal Questions for Personal Growth: 

What am I grateful for now?

Start a gratitude journal – writing down at least (3) things each night before bed that you are grateful for about your day. This also pertains to those things that we may judge as bad or that we didn’t want to happen. The “bad” stuff tends to offer us the most miracles and opportunities for growth and change.

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