Eight Limbs of Yoga: Saucha

Niyama 1:  Saucha – Purity/Cleanliness

Concerned with both outer and inner cleanliness insofar as keeping both the outer body clean and pure, but also the inner body – both physically and mentally. Saucha also discusses keeping our environment and surroundings clean and pure.

 “Cluttered closet, cluttered mind.”

 What we hind away in the closet is often indicative of inner pieces of ourselves, or inner thoughts, that we are, too, hiding away. Look at the clutter in your environment. Do is tie into some sort of emotional clutter inside? (Hoarders are often “hoarding” deep emotional hurts, beliefs, or fears.)

Are you eating foods that nourish your body? Are you reading books that nourish your mind and spirit? Are you participating in activities that nourish you? Saucha asks us to choose things in our lives that nourish us.

Toxic thoughts equal a lack of purity of the mind. When you’re in the mindchatter/monkey mind – when the thoughts are running ‘round and ‘round and you can’t seem to make sense of them ask, “Is this true?” My stopping and asking yourself to look at truth you’re more aware in the situation and less likely to flow along with untrue mindchatter such as self-judgments, judgments of others and life, limiting self-beliefs, and the like.


“Be here now.”


Journal Questions for Personal Growth: 

Is this nourishing to be or toxic?

Does this nourish my mind, body, and spirit?

Is this (mindchatter/thought/belief/etc.) true?

Does this serve me and my highest good or does it lead me away from my chosen path?

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