Eight Limbs of Yoga: Tapas

As we’ve journeyed through the Yamas and Niyamas I’ve written blogs explaining the meaning behind each one. This week I found so much wonderful information on Tapas that I wanted to share verbatim the powerful quotes I’ve found. Enjoy! – M. Gatlianne

Niyama 3: Tapas

Austerity, Discipline, Fire – Deep Commitment to your practice on and off the mat.

“The joyful willingness to do what is necessary to reach a goal with fiery discipline.” Gaiaflowyoga.com

“Tapas refers to strength of character in resolute pursuit of yoga’s ultimate goal of the union of Self and God/Universe/Consciousness.  The word “Tapas” translate as a spiritual purification or fiery discipline that burns away impediments that keep us from achieving our highest potential of Self.” Gaiaflowyoga.com

“When the fire of a yogi’s life is burning brightly, he or she is a beacon of light radiating balance and peace to the world. The fire is also responsible for digesting both nourishment and toxicity. A healthy inner fire can metabolize all impurities.

While people often associate discipline with deprivation, it can actually be extremely nourishing. For example, people who have established a yogic lifestyle may arise early, meditate daily, exercise regularly, eat in a healthy, balanced way, and go to bed early because they directly experience the benefits of harmonizing their personal rhythms with those of nature. Tapas is embracing transformation as the pathway to higher consciousness.” Dr. David Simon – The Chopra Center

Self-awakening by activising (activating) the spiritual power within oneself.Bose

Ramping up the practice. That turns up the heat and melts down the obstructions. When things start to get a bit stale, take a look at your daily activities and see which one’s may be sapping your energy, dissipating your spiritual focus, or healing evolutionary energy — communion, integration, etc. Then just drop it — let it go — kiss it goodbye. This will make room/create space and energy for the new healing energy to come in. Usually it is some activity that we know is leading nowhere, but we have yet to place it in perspective — in the spiritual context of where we want to go from “here”. by definition this energy that would have been expended in a distraction is now accessible for “practice”. When we start to focus our practice, it’s like a magnifying lens in the sun — the alchemical process is kicked up another level.Donny

Ultimate practice of Tapas: Love yourself and your life exactly as it IS.  Change nothing, but move with more and more presence and consistency.  Be vigilant that your thoughts, actions and speech are rooted in love.” – Gaiaflowyoga.com


I willingly put forth the effort to create the life I want.

Journal Questions for Personal Growth: 

Write (1) goal you want to accomplish then ask yourself why you want it. I want this because…then continue to break down why you want it…because…because…because until you get down to your deepest intention for why you want to create this.

Then write your willingness to accomplish this goal – how willing are you to manifest what you want to create? And what commitments do you make to yourself in order to create it?

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