The Prayer of Powerful Women

“The Amplification of Prayer

Women are extremely powerful when they pray.  Yogi Bhajan often taught that the strength of a woman’s prayer was unmatched.  The power of woman to heal and uplift he said to be among the holiest of all things in this world.  Even the Dalai Lama has said that women will change this world.  Because of the expansion of our energy body during the menstrual cycle, we become more “amplified”.  This is why in Native American cultures, menstruating women were not allowed in Sweat Lodges.  Although traditions varied by tribe, Sweat Lodges were times to come together and manifest prayers for an entire village or culture.  Visions would be given by the Creator to protect and guide their people, chants and prayers would be offered for peace, continued life, and honoring the Earth. In most traditions, menstruating women were not allowed.  The reason for this was explained to me once by a Native American elder as being that women’s prayers are so powerful during their moon cycle, that they drown out all other prayers and vibrations being offered.  They would be “sent away” not out of shame or second class citizenship, but in honor and to allow them time to rest and nurture themselves, and to allow the prayers of the group to be heard.  Sweat Lodges are also physically demanding events, and women in many traditions, including yoga, are encouraged to take it easy during this time.”

From: All About Yoga

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