So much more than could have been



Team Love Prompt: What does it mean to you to never settle for less than your heart and soul desire?

I am worthy of having my dreams. So are you. Did you know that? You are. But so often I hold myself back by believing I don’t deserve to live an abundant life full of love. Instead I get wrapped up in mindtalk and fear based thinking. I draw people to me who have similar thinking and draw events to me based off that thinking. I look around and wonder – When Do I Get What I Want? When Do I Get What I Deserve!?

Ah, there’s the rub.

Deserve – is a judgement. “What I deserve” is my opinion based off what I believe I’m worth. So if my self-worth is low then what I believe I deserve will, too, be very low. I won’t let myself allow in the abundance of the Universe. I won’t let myself have true happiness and joy. I won’t let myself aspire to reach all of my dreams.

One of my favorite quotes is from the movie Tuck Everlasting : “Don’t be afraid of death – be afraid of the un-lived life.”

When I hold myself back, when I believe things about myself that aren’t true, when I won’t allow in my abundance, when I won’t allow in love, when I won’t allow myself to reach out and branch out and have everything my heart and soul desire … my life is un-lived. Because in doing all of those things – I am not truly LIVING! Then where will I be down the road? Looking back over a life of could have been? There have been plenty of those already. And though I trust my process, though I trust that life has happened exactly and only has it was meant to – I too trust that my free will means I have a choice. And moving forward I choose to say YES! vehemently to life. I choose to say YES! to whatever life hands me…without judgement…without disappointment…but instead with an open heart full of gratitude for every moment I get to experience.

I am much more afraid of spending my life un-lived than I could ever be afraid of death.

And I am so much more than “could have been.”

Be. Love. Live.

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