I see London, I see France…

…I can see China through your pants!

Ah – the yoga teacher “perch” – the various spots in a room where the teacher stands to observe the class that allows them to fully see all aspects of the postures and all students. The various viewpoints of the perch enables the teacher to fully cue the class while looking for any injurious misalignments or ways to help a student enhance their postures. However, there is another aspect of this viewpoint – the dreaded downdog “up close and personal!” Yoga teachers generally walk the room and in many postures are above the student looking down therefore we get to see lots of things…some things that students might not necessarily intend for us to see! “Booty booty booty rockin’ erre’where” plays in my mind. Free spirited-ness is wholeheartedly encouraged; however, as studios generally aren’t co-ed naked -do a friend or mirror test to make sure your attire is studio friendly. Do a standing forward bend in the mirror and see how far down your shirt you can see because what you can see – others can see. Do down dog with a friend inspecting to see if leggings or tights suddenly become very see through (they do – even actual yoga pants. And yes, when you don’t wear underwear with them…you can see China!) Not all leggings are created equal – many simply aren’t made for yoga because they don’t wick moisture in any way and become quite thin. Also friend or mirror test shorts. You may not be aware of what can be seen – but I guarantee you that your yoga teacher is! My encouragement to everyone is –wear shorts if you like but invest in ones that will support you or cover you. This goes for the gents as well. Chances are you’ll be more comfortable in class as well (especially hot class) because true yoga shorts/pants don’t ride the same way and true yoga leggings don’t hold in moisture. If that’s the case then you’re looking at another dreaded phenomenon – swamp tail, as well as teachers and students being able to see to China. So bend over and look in the mirror – if you can see to China so can everyone else.

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