I held his hand in stillness…

My husband and I have a commitment to nightly meditation together. Though our morning meditations are solitary, we do not miss this nightly experience. We don’t necessarily even meditation “together” really. Instead, we are in the same room, focused on our own breath, meditating in our own way. We are simply making the commitment to sit in stillness together to connect to God.  Just in the small amount of time we’ve been doing this our relationship has changed…evolved. We are more connected within, more connected with God, and thus more connected to each other because we come to each other with the spirit of consciousness and unconditional love instead of fear.

Last night we were a bit late for our session, and though we were both very tired it never occurred to us to just skip a night. That’s not the commitment nor the intention that we came to this with. Tired or not we sat down for meditation but instead setting up on our respective mats we chose to sit on the bed, side by side.

Just a few breaths in I reached over and took his hand. Then the energy changed. Suddenly we were so very much connected while still being in our separate meditations, on our separate spiritual journeys.

I held his hand in stillness…and that makes all the difference.

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