Face the Fears in the Depths

Life has been poking at me in the past few weeks. I’ve gone underground in many ways to ask myself some tough questions to get to the truth beneath my false, and very much limiting, beliefs. Those tough questions aren’t comfortable – in fact, they’re quite uncomfortable. But answering them and telling the truth about life enables me to live more authentically. It enables me to face how I get in my own way. It enables me to release victimhood and unworthiness. It enables me to stop blaming others for what I believe about myself. Doing this kind of work isn’t easy. It takes strength and courage. It also takes retreating, making a commitment to self -care and self-healing. It takes making the choice to go within and fight the inner battle instead of ignoring it or avoiding it. Remember, the answers always lie within you if you are willing to face them and swim those deep rivers – no matter how dark and deep they go. And at times, this work asks you to fight the battle alone because only you hold the answers. We have guides along our journeys, healing angels mirroring us – but – we are our own guiding light, we are our own light in the darkness. Don’t be afraid to light up your inner darkness and face the fears in the depths.

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