Celebrating the Birth of the Christ Within

Aligning With Truth

Like the majority, I was also, for a very long time, so far removed from the mystical meaning of Christmas.

…enchanted by all the Christmas lights and decor, the trimmings and trappings.

…lured by the gift giving and partying, the feasting and the drinking.

…charmed by the dressing up and keeping up, and pressured to show up, even when I didn’t even feel like getting up.

I no longer celebrate that way, not the traditional way.

I no longer celebrate Christmas the way the majority does.

I’m now treading a different journey and I’ve long gotten off the bus.

I do however, respect how everyone else chooses to celebrate.

And I do remember and deeply honor, so much more now than ever,

the birth of Jesus, the Christ, of Jesus the Master.

But it isn’t the reason for my celebration.

It isn’t only the physical birth but more the birth of the Christ within — that’s my reason…

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