Marriage Equality in Alabama

Many of us who have lived in Alabama our entire lives never thought we’d actually see the day when gay marriage would be legal in our state. In fact, when I first saw the threads appear on Facebook I thought it was some sort of joke…an inappropriate “fake” news article. When I realized it wasn’t – that this was really happening … I cried. Yes, I cried.

I firmly believe I would have been on that bridge with Martin Luther King marching for equal rights. There are many political protest actions that happen in our world that I would not have been a part of – but when it comes to equal rights for all human beings – I will stand at the front of the line and speak until my voice is raw.

It is that important.

You see, we are all human beings. That means, we are all the same race – the same people. We are also human beings on this beautiful, Topsy-turvy spiritual journey. We are all filled with the same light…we each simply carry it in a different container.

“You are water. I’m water. We’re all water in different containers and that’s why it’s so easy to meet. Someday we’ll evaporate together.” – Yoko Ono

Compassion and kindness cannot grow from hate, condemnation or judgment. When I look into the eyes of another human being I see possibility, potential, and the ever burning light of Spirit.

So, when presented with the opportunity to be an officiant during Wedding Week in Huntsville, Alabama did I say yes? Did I do everything I possibly could to make sure I could be there and be a part of the historic day? You better believe I did! I will be there when it happens. I will look back when I am older and wiser and say, “I was there! I saw it! I felt it! I was a part of it!”

Equal Rights for All Beings!

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