Helping Another Help Others

I am not one to follow “vote for me” links.  I don’t jump on the “cutest kid photo contest” or the help me win this or that bandwagon. But something has come across my radar that not only gave me pause, but also had me going to cast my vote for someone whom I haven’t seen in person in a couple of years.

Her name is Sara Linkous, an obese 30 year old from Cullman, Alabama. She is the cousin of one of my dearest friends. I consider my friend family. Therefore,  I also consider Sara family even though I rarely see her.  To me, that doesn’t matter. Sara has always been a kind, compassionate soul. To me, it doesn’t matter that we aren’t daily friends, or even daily acquaintances – I believe in her. Sara is what southerners like to call good people. She walks in faith and I’ve never seen her where she didn’t exude an exuberant joy and peaceful grace.

Sara has been nominated to receive an award from the National Obesity Foundation. If she wins, she will receive a gastric bypass surgery at no cost. Her current health insurance doesn’t cover the surgery.

Her journey to this nomination and the process of the award are highlighted in an article from the Cullman Times. I encourage you to read this article to learn a bit more about Sara but also potentially gain a different perspective on obesity. Often obese persons are judged as lazy. Sara is not lazy. Sara works hard, not only in her job, but in her community, and yes – on her weight loss journey. Does Sara want to lose weight to fit into a teeny-tiny bikini and take insta-selfies? Maybe, but I doubt it. I believe that Sara wants to lose weight to LIVE. And in doing so, I firmly believe that she will live her life helping others every day. Sara Linkous is a humanitarian and I support her fully on her journey.

I voted for her. I’m supporting her. I believe in her.

I am asking my blog followers to do the same. Read the article, then decide. If you are called, please vote. Help Sara create change in her life and in her health, so that she can continue to help others create change in their lives.

Vote Here until April 15, 2015: NOF Nomination List


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