You are a Brave Warrior

Be the beautiful, brave spirit that you are. Allow your humanity to go into things that hurt so your soul can flourish. It takes strength and courage to swim the deep rivers and do this kind of warrior’s work. It takes courage to be on a path of self mastery. And that path doesn’t mean you don’t have times when you’re lying in the floor. It means that you don’t stay there and you love yourself if you are. It means being vulnerable and allowing someone to lie there with you or pull you up. It’s warriors work – the path of self mastery. You’re a warrior even when you feel hopeless. Your soul knows it’s not hopeless…that’s why it keeps handing you life experiences. The soul knows you can handle it. It knows you’re strong. It knows you’re enough because it knows enough is a judgment and could never truly express the capacity of you. Because you ARE. And that’s big. We’re going to react; that’s a part of our humanness. It’s what helps us grow. Love your humanness. Your soul does.

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