Popped Into Perspective

*Re-post from from one of my previous blogs – dated September 2012*

I’ve read on two different sites tips regarding ridding yourself of fear that comes in the form of self-talk…that annoying mind chatter – also known as the monkey mind, that creeps in and wreaks havoc on your normally calm and rational psyche. The tip was to wear a rubber band around your wrist or arm and pop yourself every time you noticed the self-talk. The point is to literally snap yourself to attention and get into a place of truth instead of being in the monkey mind that most often feeds lies about the self, life, and others.

I too go through emotional and trying times. The past few days have been challenging and though I could have easily submitted to the mind chatter and succumbed to my fears I instead chose to see what was under the fear and go for truth.

Today I put on the rubber band. I’ve become proficient at noticing and being aware when my mind is telling me things that aren’t true.  The plan was that every time I noticed a judgment, self-talk, limiting belief, etc. I would pop the rubber band to bring me into a different state of being and tell the mind chatter No! And then to tell myself the truth.

The first time I noticed the self talk I popped that rubber band on the inside of my arm! WOWZA!  It was not only a wake up from the mind chatter but it called me to attention. I sat up straighter, I was more awake, I was definitely more aware of what was going on within me, as well as around me.

Fifteen minutes later I still had a red whelp on my arm.  I pondered the mark and thought that the mind chatter is doing the same thing to my heart and mind. Every time I allow the self talk and untruths to take over it’s leaving a mark on my spirit.

So, the next time you’re sinking in fear, in limiting beliefs about yourself, in judgment, in resentment, in untrue self talk – ponder the red whelp theory. Don’t allow the lies of mind chatter to leave marks on your spirit.

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