The Year of Transformative Action

This morning I was prompted to answer the question:

Have you acknowledged yourself lately?  

Self-Acknowledgement is so important in general and it’s certainly important for those wanting to step forward in life, for those in a service aspect where they are creating something for others, and for those who are feeling the call of their life purpose. Please read my response below.  Writing it offered me deep gratitude for my life and for the journey to January 2018.  It also gives me heartfelt excitement for what’s to come!

Eight years ago when I moved into my house I looked longingly at the worn down building behind the house and hoped it could be something more. As the years went by I only saw a worn down building that I’d never be able to afford to fix up. I looked at the struggling swimming pool and believed I’d never be able to afford to have it filled in so create a sacred meditation garden. I looked in the mirror and saw someone who “couldn’t do it,” “was incompetent,” and “not enough.” I longed to step forward and serve women, longed to have a space for women to gather.

So, I turned the inside of my home into that space: hosting women’s circles, yoga, and personal growth classes. Fast forward to Summer 2016 – my students started holding the space in a big way. And I started holding the space in a small way. Through their encouragement I found my own. In Fall 2016 not only did I have the funds to fix up the building – I began construction! And by January 2017 – we were using the space! I continued to do my deep personal growth work, getting more and more out of my way.

Mid 2017 my students started holding the space for, what they called, Blue Live – online options of what I offered. Little did they know that this, too, was something that I longed to do. In fact, I’d had some of the equipment for two years and hadn’t even taken it out of the box due to the self-doubt! In late 2017, I began posting videos in a private Facebook group that coincided with a live class I was doing. This sparked an inner flame. I enjoyed it so much! I was truly in joy when doing the videos! They held the space for me until I could step forward. Doing my work made all the difference – as did the support, love, and encouragement of my students.

In January 2018, not only am I offering a stand alone online women’s group – but I’m beginning the process of offering passive online courses and classes. I had to get here. It took sacrifice and hard choices.  I stepped away from leading a lucrative Yoga Teacher Training because I knew it was time.  It was scary but I was ready.  I was ready to say no to that so that I could say yes to what the Universe was calling me to.

It has taken a lot of personal growth work to uncover the potential in my that I could not see. But now that I see it, now that I am truly tapping into my self-worth – I am able to step fully and solidly into my life’s purpose. I’ve come so far and am filled with gratitude for not only my students, but the process – the journey, and for myself.

I hope that you read this and understand that, though being Spirit led and walking in faith is a huge part of the journey, so, too, is action.  I do acknowledge myself. I have overcome so much self-doubt because I was willing to face it, because I was willing to do the uncomfortable personal growth work, because I was willing to tell myself the truth, to forgive, to accept, to do deep shadow work and inner child work.  I accept my students’ love, support, and encouragement.  I’ve been raw, and real, and vulnerable. I’ve allowed myself to be seen. I’ve stepped out of codependency and into personal independence.  I have listened to the guidance of Spirit. I’ve looked in the mirror at the person I doubted and looked at her eye-to-eye and heart-to-heart until I could love and support her again.  I have done the work to get where I am. And I am, again, grateful and excited at the work to be done.

For me – 2018 is the Year of Transformative Action.  It’s time to take the next step. It’s time to do the work to get there. It’s time to say yes to the Universe through your actions!

Who’s with me?

Love to you all,


I acknowledge, love, support, encourage, honor and accept this woman!

Marianne - -51

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