It’s Time to Heal the Wounds

The current online group series at The BlueRoof is Blue Independence: Releasing Codependency for Personal Freedom.
I’ll admit it – this series is uncomfortable, even for me who has done codependency and inner child work for years. Because in offering this series I have been offered the chance to uncover another layer of truth and heal some old and very deep wounds.
I’m willing.
Codependency generally stems from our inner wounding. And those wounds are from multiple ages so our inner child is actually our inner children. When we are unaware of this – we react from various ages instead of acting from the adult we now are. We are essentially tall children running amuck having temper tantrums and emotional reactions because we are speaking from our wound instead of our truth.
Then, along comes someone who pushes all our buttons, i.e., pokes at all our wounds. This person comes to help you heal those wounds. And you can help them heal theirs.
And most of the time – you have NO idea that’s what’s going on! They don’t know they’re poking your wounds and you sure don’t know that’s what’s happening! Chaos ensues. And more inner children are running amuck (amuck, amuck, amuck)!
There’s is a bigger picture at play here. There is a spiritual perspective that we aren’t always aware of or are so far in our wounding that we can’t see. Our perception is fogged in the veil of illusion.
It’s time to shift our perception. It’s time to let the Divine Feminine rise and come into balance with the Divine Masculine. It’s time to stop re-wounding ourselves and stop blaming others! It’s time to stop blaming God/Goddess/Divine/Consciousness. It’s time to Love, really.
It’s time.
Check out this excellent article on Twin Flames & Codependency by ConsciousReminder.

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