Faith Ahead of the Coming Storm

A vison of mary
In any way that we are wanting life to be “like it was” – when we were “happy, loved, peaceful” or in any way we are wanting life to stay the same and not bring “the pain that will surely come” we are living outside of our present moment awareness.  Why does this get in the way?
It keeps us from accepting what is happening right now.
It keeps us wishing for a past, and the pleasure it may have brought, that is over.
It keeps us wishing for a future, and the pain it may bring, that isn’t here.
We cannot change what actually happened in the past…
…but we can change our thoughts about it.
We cannot know what the future will bring…
…but by focusing on what we fear will come we are praying that fear into existence.
Neither of those options bring peace now.
Peace now is “the truth that stands when the world’s on fire.”
Peace now is complete trust in the events of present moment and not trying to make them right or wrong.
Peace now is faith – real, deep faith that isn’t attached to any theology.
Peace now is trusting that you are safe.
Peace now is remembering your Divine truth.
Peace now is understanding that all things are a part of the Divine big picture and, as you understand you are a part of humanity’s spiritual evolution, you are willing to accept all things without judgement – while advocating for love to cover fear.
Attachment to past pleasure is a fear state. It means, “I fear I won’t ever have that again so I want to cling to that long-forgotten memory.”
Aversion to future pain is a fear state. It means, I have to control everything right now because I believe I will feel that pain again and I don’t believe I’m safe.”
Both keep you from the peace of present moment awareness. Both keep you from trusting. Both keep you from making your faith deep.
Both bring stress, not peace.
Both keep you from love.
I chose the artwork “A Vision of Mary: Impending Storm,” by Adam Abram, very purposefully to convey this point.  Whether you view the Biblical story as literal or allegorical, my point rings true:  In the painting you see the storm clouds behind her, indicating the great change that was coming – the death of her son, Jesus.  Yet, in the foreground she is peaceful in white. She continues on. She is soft in her acceptance. She knows that “Letting go” and accepting – is for the highest good of all.  She knows that what is occurring is a part of something so much bigger. And her faith is deep. 
You never know when the “worst” event of your life is setting in motion the greatest of great change. You never know how you are being refined in order to help issue in great change. You are being refined to love, dear one. And fear/ego likes to dig in its heels and leave claw marks instead of surrendering.
It is not weakness.
It’s the strongest, bravest, most courageous thing you can do.
Past pleasure, Raga in the Yoga Philosophy, is over.
Future pain, Dvesa in the Yoga Philosophy, isn’t here.
What do you have RIGHT NOW when you allow the attachment and aversion to fade away?


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