Bare Hands to Bare Bark

With grief in my heart, I walked to the car begrudgingly willing to start the day. But start I could not and my solemn energy could not force my body into the driver’s seat. Instead, my feet propelled me toward the nearest tree, the Comfort Tree, and as hands touched bark I felt a semblance of peace that has eluded me for so long.

I did naught but stand – bare hands to bare bark, feeling. The tree’s energy a comfort in a time of discomfort.

God grant me the serenity…” whispered in my mind. Yes, please God, serenity.


May thy will be done on Earth; show me how to do my part,” slipped softly from my lips.

The leaves rustled overhead drawing my gaze upward giving me a view of open sky framed with the vivid green of July leaves. The hawk circling high was my message. Spirit was with me. More peace washed over me.

I let the peace soak in as I walked to the adjacent tree…Snake Tree. The tree that has offered me both fear of and gratitude for my snake friends and the spiritual guidance they’ve offered. Bare hands to bare bark again – and I felt more like myself, or at least not as lost.

The wind blew – or perhaps I called it as I am prone to do – and as I thanked Snake Tree I turned – stepping into the flow of the breeze. It cleansed me in a way I didn’t know I needed.

The minutes were ticking past and the later the morning hour became the later I was to start the day. Though I was more filled-up, my feet stepped heavily and somewhat drug as I made my way toward the car. My gaze lifted to the sky and I gasped; the waning gibbous shown above me. Her ghostly softness, ethereal in broad daylight, cast her magic all over me.

I walked past the car.

Bare hands reached out gratefully to the Healing Tree, its greatness staggering above me, its energy surrounding me immediately. So strong was its love that my vision blurred and for a moment all I could see was thick moss covered bark. I felt it. In that moment the tree was God and love covered me.

Gratitude filled my heart as the energy of Healing Tree flowed into me. It helped fill me up more. So much more that I realized I hadn’t known how depleted I had become.

Birds flew all around and my attention was drawn upward to Grandfather Tree and high in his branches shone a spider’s web woven intricately within the leaves. The light of the sun, creeping through thick leaves and crooked branches, ran through the web in such a way that it glowed with light of color fuchsia. I knew this was what Grandfather Tree offered me today and that he did not require my touch.

However, my attention shifted to the Struggling Tree, the one that is planted precariously and only flourishes on one side. The other side falls mostly barren. I noticed that it mirrored the side of Healing Tree that keeps losing branches and considered that there is a call-to-action here at that place between Healing and Struggling.

I reached for the Struggling Tree – bare hands to bare bark, and let it love me as I offered my love in return. The struggle and the healing – one mirroring the other, interdependent with each other, not separate from one another. A knowing overcame me: if transformation is to occur I must face them both, accept them both, surrender to them both. The birds flew all around. The sun dappled through the trees. I inhaled and exhaled deeply.

I kissed the Struggling Tree before I turned to start the day.


© M/Gatlianne 2018


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